Metal Detector

My daughter and her family own some land on Butler Island that used to be an old farm.  There are cellar holes, silo pads and all kinds of interesting remnants of life 100 years ago.  We could see some of the stuff, but what couldn’t we see?  So I started looking for a metal detector.

During my search I found a very interesting Canadian electronics guy who had built all sorts of stuff and gave the schematics on the site.  He felt this particular metal detector was as good as a $1,000 commercial detector and could be built for $100.

I cannot read electronic schematics.  At. All.  But I know what the various components are and what they supposedly do.  So I bought the printed circuit board from him for $6, took the blown up picture of the completed board to Radio Shack and bought the components.  Not an easy task.
But it worked.

I used 1/2 inch PVC (sewer pipe from Home Depot) for the handle.  The hardest part, I think, was the coil.  I spent quite a bit of time winding the wire and working to keep it flat.  I then covered it with Lexan top and bottom and put yellow electrical tape around the perimeter to keep dirt out.

The battery is a 12 volt, 8 amp hour rechargeable that I bought for about $16 from the local battery store.

This metal detector works very well and has found some very interesting stuff and the digging for the metal it found has brought a bunch of exciting glass jars to the surface.

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